Amistad is an Alternative band from Vernon, B.C. Canada. They write honest music that has been described as an upsurge of solid material that mixes blunt-edged rock with melodic acoustic textures. (Vernon Morning Star). The band consists of: Nolan Bassett (Bass/Vocals/Trumpet), Eli Garlick (Guitar/Vocals/Strings), Carson Bassett (Drums/Percussion/Ukulele), Craig Matterson (Piano/Synth/Organ/Vocals) and Aidan Andrews (Lead Vocals/Guitar/Keys). Amistad won "Best Stage Performance" at the 2012 Our Kids Have Talent Music Competition. The group displays an instinct for layering sounds and textures for ambiance and atmosphere and digs into alternate passages for dynamics and space. (Vernon Morning Star). Amistad has already produced two EPs and they are currently writing a full length album. Their live performances are renowned for being highly energetic and entertaining. 
The band sets themselves apart by simply putting everything they have into their live shows and giving it their all.